At Mothership we create cliche-crushing, conscience-expanding craft beers from our women-led brewery.  


We believe in the power of women, and we collaborate with an exceptional network of beer-loving ladies. Our aim is to inspire every Mothership drinker, and empower women worldwide.



We launched Glass Half Full, the Mothership Empowerment Fund, to further our activism – and now 10p/litre of every beer we make is donated to women’s charities.

Our Say No To Sexism pledge encourages our trade customers to eliminate sexism from our industry. Together we pledge no to ignoring reports of harassment or sexist behaviour. No to gender stereotyping and mansplaining. No to gender inequality, and no to non-inclusive environments. We believe that when we empower women and create a truly human environment, women thrive, men thrive, business thrives, and so does the world.

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Mothership was founded by Jane, whose background is in winemaking, but then she discovered brewing and embraced the new creativity it offered – especially after the birth of her first baby.


Brewing became an important and empowering way for Jane to maintain her own identity as she navigated new parenthood. Mothership was formed over early morning feeds, long walks pushing a buggy round the park, and snatched moments whilst her babies slept. Mashing in test brews at 5am and bottling beers after the kids’ bedtime – these beers are the result of passion, determination and female resilience.