companies have said No To Sexism

Sexism is any expression (act, word, image, gesture) based on the idea that some persons, most often women, are inferior because of their sex.

We believe that when we empower women and create a truly human environment, women thrive, men thrive, business thrives, and so does the world.


We are asking you to pledge to say no to sexism through:



•    Any reported sexist behaviour or sexual harassment will automatically undergo a full investigation

•    Any customers showing sexist behaviour to staff or other customers will immediately be asked to leave



•    We will intervene if we witness gender stereotyping (link to gender stereotyping info)

•    We will not use sexist or gendered language (including gendered job titles) – (link to “instead of …., use …..”)

•    We will not tolerate mansplaining


Gender Equality

•    We pay and promote men and women fairly based on their position and experience

•    We offer a fair parental leave package and support returning to work


Gender Inclusion

•    We welcome people of all genders into our business as customers or staff

•    We will not make assumptions about a persons gender

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